Estate Planning

Estate Planning

"Our estate planning services are all about taking care of you and your family."

- Pieter Van Dien, Esq.

Naples Estate and Trust Planning

We provide basic or complex estate and trust planning, as well as tax minimization strategies, in Naples and throughout the Collier County area.

Estate Planning

Estate planning needs vary greatly from one individual to another. As a starting point, everyone should consider a basic estate planning package including a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogate, Living Will and Declaration Naming a Preneed Guardian for self and any minor children.

Individuals with more complex needs such as estate and income tax planning, special needs for children or other loved ones, probate avoidance, or property owned in multiple states should consider additional planning such as creation of a Revocable Trust, establishment of continuing trusts for future generations, lifetime gifting strategies, and Irrevocable Trusts for estate tax planning purposes.

Basic Estate Planning Package

Includes the following as needed: Last Will & Testament, Memorandum Disposing of Tangible Personal Property, Durable Power of Attorney, Designation of Health Care Surrogate, Living Will, Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian for Self, Declaration Naming Preneed Guardian for Minor and Funeral Directive.

Generally, this basic estate planning package is offered for a fixed fee. Please contact our office for further information and current pricing.

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Basic Trust Planning Package

Includes the above plus a Revocable Trust. Generally, this estate planning package is offered for a fixed fee but individual needs may vary depending upon estate planning goals and the nature of the assets involved.

In order for a revocable trust to be effective in transferring property at death without probate, assets must be transferred to the trust prior to death. At times it may be helpful to have an attorney assist you with the transfer of your assets to your trust. Those services are provided on an hourly fee basis. If you are interested in assistance with asset transfers, we may discuss estimated fees for those services in advance based upon your specific needs.

Irrevocable Trusts, Gift, and Estate Tax Minimization Planning

As individual needs in this area vary greatly, these services are typically offered on an hourly fee basis. After reviewing your needs and goals, we will work together to develop a customized estate plan and an estimate of the charges required.